Musical-Moods is up and running



Musical-Moods is a Marie-Curie Action funded for EUR 244K by the European Union.

The project aims at the development of a mood-indexed and multimodal database for interactive music systems of next generation.

Check it out at:

My new album is out

the electroacoustic bonding

The Electroacoustic Bonding is the second volume of a retrospective on my music. It is a live album where musicians are rule bound.

Check at your favorite store or here.

Video Interactive VST Orchestra


10 years of Video Interactive VST Orchestra and 11 projects, 46 artists, 19 venues and 8 publications! Here are the latest highlights:

Accademia Nazionale di San Luca opens to the public “La Sala delle Meraviglie“: a permanent space for exposition by the means of VIVO+museum.

VIVO+ is the commercial edition of VIVO, which has received €40K of ERDF funding (2007-2013) in partnership with ITAC srl and Accademia Nazionale di San Luca. Improve your business at:

University of Kent has released the VIVO code as open source.

A retrospective on my music: Vol. 1

the acousmatic years

The Acousmatic Years is the first retrospective volume on my electroacoustic music. It is where that journey began.

You can find it in stores for physical distribution and online, or here.